LinkedIn 101 for Job Seekers

LinkedIn is NOT merely a job search tool. LinkedIn is a tool, I believe, that can help every professional in every profession do their job better.

If you are a job seeker, however, you really have to be on LinkedIn. It is too powerful a tool to ignore.

Every Career Advisor, Employment Specialist, and Job Coach has his their own LinkedIn presentation. Here is mine, where I discuss:

  • What LinkedIn is, and is not
  • Why you want to use LinkedIn
  • How to create an All-Star profile
  • The best way to add connections, and what to avoid
  • Methods to showcase your expertise
  • How to leverage your LinkedIn network to advance your career

Please let me know what you think! Is there anything more about LinkedIn that you would like me to answer? Leave a comment below, or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn (if you do, tell me why you want to connect).

Success doesn’t come to you. You go get it.


One comment

  1. Great advice! The most important thing is to understand what LinkedIn is and is not. Knowing what tools are available is half the battle, an applicant needs to utilize the tools in order to see the results.

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