Stay encouraged

Job Search is tough. You submit dozens of applications online and never hear a response. You go to job fairs, and the only companies that are hiring for what you want tell you to apply online. You finally get an interview, only to find out the position has been filled.

Feeling down

It is easy to get discouraged, especially as days turn into weeks, and your budget grows tighter as you try to support your family and bills still need to be paid.

But to be successful, you can’t give up. You have to remain positive.

You may allow yourself time to wallow in self-pity, but to be successful in your job search, you have to snap out of it.

My suggestion:

Success breeds success, so set small, attainable goals.

In basketball, when a 3-point shooter is struggling, a coach will draw up a play to give the player a layup. Gain a little bit of confidence, then he or she can move back and start firing away with confidence.

For job search, start shooting layups. Set small goals such as:

  • Attend two networking events in the next week.
  • Meet and connect with five new people. Follow up.
  • Set up one informational interview next week.

These are very attainable goals. If you want to be more aggressive, then go to it.

Keep applying for the jobs you want, for which you are qualified, but I would not necessarily advise an artificial goal like “5 applications per day.” At that point, you likely are applying for jobs where you are not qualified, then you will not get the interview, and you just get more frustrated.

These in themselves will likely not lead to a job offer, which is the ultimate goal. But as you start checking things off your “job search to-do” list, you will gain more confidence, you will show more confidence, you will be more positive, and will start to have more success.

Time and time again, I hear from job seekers (myself included) that their big break came on or shortly after their darkest day. You have to hang tough.

To quote the great sage, Rocky Balboa, “Life isn’t about how hard you can hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

And don’t forget to visit your mother.

Success doesn’t come to you. You go get it.

I want to know what you think! Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter, or leave a comment below.


One comment

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Thank you so much for writing this post. I was feeling blue a few days ago due to not getting any job offers. A friend from Linkedin shared your page for encouragement. Your post lifted my spirit and reminded me to snap out of my depression. Please continue to write inspirational posts as I will continue to stay motivated and continue writting. I look forward to reading your posts.


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