Book review: The Subversive Job Search

"The Subversive Job Search," by Alan Corey

“The Subversive Job Search,” by Alan Corey

After reading the first chapter of The Subversive Job Search by Alan Corey, I wanted to hate it. Corey’s first book, A Million Bucks by 30 (which I haven’t read), detailed how he earned over $1Million by age 30 in real estate. Apparently, he had his own reality TV show (which I never saw) and restaurant, and as he says in Chapter 1 of Subversive, he though he had it made and would never have to work again.

Then came the Great Recession, combined with poor spending habits out of boredom, and before he knew it, Corey was broke and jobless with no source of income. By now he is married with a family, and to provide for them, he decides he is going to earn a six-figure income within 18 months.

This seemed a bit shallow (totally money driven) and presumptuous (that he could pull it off), and I was prepared to quit reading after the next chapter.


I was pleasantly surprised, and I ended up pulling for him.

I don’t think I would call Corey’s job search “subversive.” Instead, he did everything absolutely right. He exhibited two traits that every successful job seeker and career changer must have:

  • An unwavering commitment to a goal, and
  • The ability to sell the skills and qualifications that meet the needs of an employer.

How he went about his quest is quite entertaining, and quite informative for all job seekers. I recommend this book, and hopefully it helps other job seekers to have the courage to figure out what you want, and to go for it with unwavering focus.

My apologies to Mr. Corey for my initial reaction! And congratulations and best wishes for your continued success.

Success doesn’t come to you. You go get it.

Corey, Alan. The Subversive Job Search: How to Overcome a Lousy Job, Sluggish Economy, and Useless Degree to Create a Six-Figure Career. Pompton Plains: The Career Press, Inc., 2013. Print.

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