Book review: “Guerrilla Networking”

"Guerrilla Networking" by Jay Conrad Levinson and Monroe Mann

“Guerrilla Networking” by Jay Conrad Levinson and Monroe Mann

Jay Conrad Levinson (@JayLevinson) is the author of Guerrilla Marketing and the founder of the Guerrilla Marketing method. but Guerilla Networking is really Monroe Mann’s (@MonroeMann) book and is largely written from his perspective. According to Mann, the genesis of Guerrilla Networking was when he sent an email to Levinson just before he was deployed to Iraq. Levinson had read Mann’s earlier book, The Theatrical Juggernaut, and was therefore interested to meet.

Mann wanted to meet Levinson because he admired the Guerrilla Marketing method. Levinson wanted to meet Mann because he admired Mann’s book. This illustrates the premise of guerrilla networking, which is to stop trying to meet people, and instead work on being the person that others want to meet.

Guerrilla Networking is divided into four sections:

Section 1 details why, in their opinion, traditional networking (meeting lots of people) doesn’t work.

Section 2 lists 50 ways you can make yourself “cool,” including “Write a successful book,” “Offer investment capital,” “Get media exposure,” and “Hire a publicist.” There are also several suggestions (send an email, make a phone call, leave a voice message), which I suggest fall into “traditional networking,” which they had just dismissed.

Section 3 offers testimonials, mainly from friends of Mann, of the effectiveness of Guerrilla Networking.

Section 4, the most useful section, gives practical steps on how to launch a guerrilla networking campaign. Basically you identify whom you want to meet, and how you can make yourself cool enough to make that that person want to meet you. For example, to get Jack Nicholson to want to meet you, you might win an Academy Award. To do that, you might write an Academy Award-caliber screenplay. To do that, you might take a class on screenwriting, and so on until you break down the steps enough that you can do the first (or next) step immediately. Then, do it.

Networking is adding value to the people you meet. Mann tries too hard, and does a disservice in trying to redefine Networking. That said, I like the idea of not trying to meet people just to meet people, and instead try to become “cool.” In other contexts, this can make you a subject-matter expert, and a well-rounded and more interesting person. The world will be better for it.

Success doesn’t come to you. You go get it.

Levinson, Jay Conrad and Mann, Monroe. Guerrilla Networking; a Proven Battle Plan to Attract the Very People You Want to Meet. New York: Morgan James Publishing, 2008. Print.

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