3 ways to search for jobs using LinkedIn

You have a solid LinkedIn.com profile. You are making Connections, and showcasing your knowledge by participating in Group discussions and posting powerful Status updates. When do you start finding employment opportunities?

Here are three primary ways to job-search using LinkedIn:

1. Use the LinkedIn Jobs Search function.

Many companies post job opportunities on LinkedIn. Click the “Jobs” link, and use LinkedIn as another job board. Search by Title, and filter based on Location, Industry, and even Company Size. Save your searches. Some postings allow you to Apply directly through LinkedIn, using your professional profile; in other cases, you may be directed to the company’s website.

screenshot of LinkedIn.com Jobs page

Click on “Jobs” and set your search parameters

TIP: Often, LinkedIn will show who posted the opening. If the posting is for a job you want, or for a company you are targeting, or if the person posts a lot of jobs you are interested in, try connecting with this person directly.

2. Join job posting Groups

Depending on your industry, you may find Groups that allow employers to post their job openings. Join the right groups and find new opportunities.

3. Use your Network

Make a list of the companies you want to join, and Follow them on LinkedIn. Keep up to date with any new information they share.

a screenshot of a LinkedIn.com Company page

Go to Interests / Companies and follow the ones you are interested in

See how you are connected to the company. Talk to ALL of your First Degree connections about the company, and ask if they will introduce you to the Hiring Decision Maker, or at least forward your resume.

Turn your Second Degree connections into First Degree connections. Ask to be introduced:

Go to the person’s profile. Read it carefully.

Click the down arrow next to the “Connect” button, and select “Get Introduced.” This shows of your shared connections. Choose one.

Write a note to YOUR connection and ask to be introduced (have your note forwarded) to your target. As always, give them a reason – what value or benefit can you add?

Be prepared to wait. Your connection, or your target, may not be as LinkedIn-savvy as you so it could take a while before either even sees your request.

Or, be bold and send your own Connection invitation directly to your target.

Or, be even bolder and take your request offline. Pick up the phone and call, and/or send an email directly.

Keep in mind that your Second Degree connections currently do not know you. Your first move is to meet them, get to know them, ask them about themselves and their role in the company, how they got their positions, what their needs are, and so on. Only then ask to be introduced to the Hiring Decision Maker.

Success doesn’t come to you. You go get it.

Agree? Disagree? I am interested in your thoughts! Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter and let me know, or leave a comment below.


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