A LinkedIn invitation request: nailed it!

I don’t know if this LinkedIn user read my post about how to make connections, but she did everything right:

Hi Kevin,

It was great to meet you at the NETPA meeting on Friday. Thank you for your valuable insight and advice. I’d love to know more about your incredible work to empower people through CASS’ programs. Let’s stay in touch!

My Best,

Here is what I love about this invitation request:

  • She personalized it. She did not use the awful generic request.
  • She reminded me how we met. We actually met at a networking event. She told me she is currently in transition, she told me what she is looking for which – while we did not discuss – when she is successful, she will be in a position to aid me and some of my clients. She gave me her business card which detailed three related tasks that converge to her ideal position, two lines of expertise, and contact information on the front and back (excellent touch!). I followed up with her via email with a couple of leads I thought might help her, and she responded by reaching out to connect via LinkedIn. Still, she did not assume that I would remember her.
  • Maybe my leads won’t pan out, or maybe she will decide to not follow through. But, she was gracious.
  • She stroked my ego a bit. Because really, everybody likes to hear good things about themselves, and we are all mote likely to respond well when we do.
  • She did not try to sell me anything, or ask me to do anything other than connect, and stay in touch.

Because this invitation request was so well executed, I readily accepted. And, even though the opportunity she seeks is outside what any of my clients are looking for, I am going to keep my eyes open and if/when I see something that might be a good match for her, I will happily share it.

I think my invitation requests are pretty good. She nailed it, and this is going to be my model.

Success doesn’t come to you. You go get it.

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