Book review: “Never Apply for a Job Again!”

Darrell W. Gurney is a career adviser, coach, speaker, workshop leader, and founder of And like the best career advisers, he does not simply help his clients find their next job; he teaches them how to manage their careers for a lifetime.

In Never Apply for a Job Again!, Gurney teaches job seekers how they can become their own headhunters by tapping into the hidden job market – the 65 – 80% of job opportunities that are never posted.

He calls this the Stealth Job Search Method. In short, Gurney offers a step-by-step method to network your way into your next job.

He defines the “4M Method of Career Management:

Meet people, in a

Memorable way, so as to stay top-of-

Mind, and then

Maintain those relationships for life.

On this platform, the balance of the book details the “Ten Time-Tested Principles for Launching an Effective Stealth Campaign,” which includes:

  • Asking for informational interviews instead of job interviews (although, Gurney never calls them “informational interviews”),
  • Do your research, and be sincerely interested,
  • Aim as high in an organization as you can for your informational interviews,
  • Tips on how to get past the gatekeeper,
  • Arrange face-to-face meetings in their place of business,
  • Handing your resume but not asking for a job!
  • Repeat, as many times as necessary.

Gurney’s advice is spot-on, and is consistent with my own research and experience: If you know what kind of position you seek, learn and practice effective networking, you will eventually find an opportunity for the position you want where you might be the only applicant. And yet, so few job seekers will take this approach, because it requires a lot of work, and it is so much easier to apply for jobs online, submit applications and send resumes, even though you are competing with hundreds of job seekers for the same position.

I recommend Never Apply for a Job Again! The challenge is, will you follow the advice?

Success doesn’t come to you. You go get it.

Gurney, Darrell W. Never Apply for a Job Again! Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest. Pompton Plains: The Career Press, Inc., 2012. Print.




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